Formula Creation

The process of creating our products

We see every single ingredient we use as a powerful worker, when we create a new product we put together a team. A team that has a job to do!

Every time we research about an ingredient, we feel we travel back in time, visiting the history about the ingredient, we visit different cultures and different places. For every research report we read we get a glint of the future of botanicals as a promising and powerful partner for a healthy lifestyle.

The Ellie & Carl products are developed from inspiration from people giving inputs from having certain skin requirements. We want to give our customers safe, efficient, natural and exquisite skincare products. We always research for the best ingredients from around the world. The ingredients may have been used for centuries in different countries and cultures and we always aim to find these ingredients to provide them to our customers. The ingredients we use are excellent for many different skin issues and they are formulated to achieve required results for the specific skin need.

In the development process we do start from inputs and inspiration from our customers to find the best ingredients to achieve the purpose of the new product. When creating the formula, the product functionality, texture and smell is analyzed to verify that the new product reaches our high standards. In the selection of the ingredients we aim to choose as raw ingredients as possible to maintain the fullest nutrients. During the product development we do search for active ingredients with the wanted features to create a high quality product. When the product has been tested and approved to meet our high expectations, we are proud of welcoming the new product member as a part of the Ellie & Carl Skin Botanicals product family.