Ellie & Carl

About us

Ellie & Carl loves the power of botanicals and the transformation that takes place by using the different ingredients to create powerful products. Ellie have seen how these botanical creations have changed the quality of her own skin and her customers’ skin. Ellie & Carl has developed a range of effective and gentle skincare products. By using high quality ingredients, being natural for the skin to absorb, products with a sense of luxury are delivered.

All our product formulas are developed with a clear vision for its dedication and usage area. We always aim to use natural, organic and cold pressed ingredients to get the maximum nutrients from our ingredients. We formulate with exquisite botanicals with high levels of actives to deliver maximum results and a long-term relationship to our skin.

All ingredients selected for each and every one of our products has an explicit purpose to achieve, in order to create the highest quality skincare products to our customers.

We don’t offer a quick fix, we offer products that will make your skin feel good, velvety soft, nurtured and balanced with all the goodies we have in our products.

Our products are produced and handcrafted in-house and we have full control over the complete process, from product development until the ready product is shipped to the customer.

Many of our products are formed by inspiration from family, friends and people with stories about certain skin issue and their need for skincare products that satisfy their needs. We also get inspiration from exciting ingredients that we come across from around the world that has been used for centuries for their properties and that we want to introduce to you. We keep our eyes and ears open for new inspirations to bring in to the Ellie & Carl Skin botanicals product family.

The Serums, Body and Face oils are all preservative free products. We use antioxidants in the products that are good for both the skin and to protect the precious botanicals we use. The antioxidants are organic Rosemary CO2 extract and Vitamin E.

Our products that contain floral waters are preserved with preservatives that are approved by Ecocert Group and Soil Association. Preservatives are important in water based products and they are there to protect us from harmful microorganisms and our products. Our water based products are made of hydrosols that are the floral waters remaining after the distillery of essential oils. They provide the skin with therapeutic properties and together with the cosmeceuticals the skin will get a brighter and improved complexion. The oil based serums provide efficient moisturizers and with powerful botanicals that improve and protect the skin from free radicals, environmental stressors and gives the skin a luster and vital look.

The Face Masks are preservative free. The Clays comes in powder form and needs to be activated with water. This gives you a pure and powerful product that you can activate whenever you like and without using to harsh preservatives to keep the product safe.

Why we choice Ecocert Group and Soil Association, standards

Ellie & Carl´s has chosen to comply with the standards appointed by Ecocert Group and Soil Association when it comes to which preservatives to use as these standards are most widely used and have strong international reputations.