Founder Ellie

The Founder of Ellie & Carl

Meet Ellie, the founder of the brand Ellie & Carl.

Ellie has a fascination of the beautifying, healing and curing effect that the plants have and their usage since ancient times. There are Egyptian hieroglyphs, Chinese scrolls and Ayurvedic literature showing physicians using aromatic oils to their patients. And today the growing evidence of their efficacy shows that the essential oils are more than just for scenting a room.

The transformation of a seed or a flower that takes place into an essential oil, a hydrosol or a carrier oil is another fascinating part. By pressing or distilling the essence of a flower or a seed into a different form that can be used to create something completely new makes Ellie very excited and amazed about the biological existence. And imagine to be able to create a product from the essence of different plants, with different properties to give the powerful support the skin needs. Ellie wants to use the properties from the plants to provide natural and exquisite products that will give a notable effect on the skin.

It all started when Ellie got introduced to pinterest a few years ago and was so impressed over the creativity collected in one place. What really caught Ellies interest was posts about essential oils and their amazing properties they seemed to possess. Ellie started to research about these magical drops and was fascinated about this new unexplored world she had entered.

Ellie wanted to understand how the oils where created, the chemical composition and also see the results from research that has been made with essential oils and other botanicals. To be able to use essential oils safely we need carrier oils (vegetable, fruit and seed oils) and another new world opened up. For every part that Ellie started to research a new puzzle turned up that needed to be analyzed, understood and put on the right place to fit the bigger picture. Completely consumed and amazed by all the books, research and information Ellie decided that this would be the new adventure and carrier path in her life. What would she do with all this new knowledge and information? So the next search started and Ellie found an accredited and award winning natural and organic skincare formulating school, Formula Botanica (the best) to become a natural and organic skincare formulator. Studying and at the same time creating the brand Ellie & Carl along the way also life itself reminded her about how fragile and precious life is. To realize the importance of doing what we love and believe in what we do. To give the best we can to achieve our dreams by taking one step at the time and never losing the sight of our dreams!

Ellies goal with the brand Ellie & Carl Skin Botanicals is to bring skincare products to the market where:

  1. We transform powerful ingredients into exquisite products.
  2. We use high quality cold pressed oils, CO2 extracts, vitamins, essential oils and floral waters that helps the skin to find its balance, feeling smooth, soft and embrace beautiful skin.
  3. We use ingredients that are natural for the skin to absorb and that the skin recognizes and interacts with in a harmonized way.
  4. We deliver products with specific purposes that give a notable effect to the skin.
  5. We want our customers to have a special feel when they use our products, a feeling of pampering themselves and a feeling of looking forward to the next application each and every day.
  6. We get a long-term and healthy relationship to our skin.
  7. We are transparent and display all ingredients used in our products. We do not hide ingredients under terms as perfume or fragrant.
  8. Every ingredient we use is there to contribute to the skins balance.

With a background as a nurse, a master degree in business finance and diplomas in natural and organic skincare formulating Ellie has combined three passions to the brand Ellie & Carl Skin Botanicals. Ellie wants to share her passion for botanical based skincare to help people to find a selection of genuine products that the skin collaborates with. During Ellie´s time working as a nurse, one of the main goals was to assist patients to help themselves in their recovery process. A similar philosophy is used with the Ellie & Carl products where providing help to the skin to recover itself and find balance according to the different skin needs. The formulas created for the Ellie & Carl products has been created with a lot of thought, time, passion and research, to find the right ingredients according to our standards to create the highest quality skincare products. When you choose to use Ellie & Carl´s products you choose to be fair to your skin and you chose high quality skincare.

The Name Ellie & Carl comes from a long tradition from Ellies husbands’ family. The name Carl has been passed on for many generations to the men in the family. So Ellie and her husband decided to start the same tradition with their daughter as for their sons. The 3 boys have Carl as a second name and the daughter has Elleria as a second name. With the years the name Elleria got shortened to Ellie and that’s why the company name became Ellie & Carl Skin botanicals.  The Family is a very central part of Ellies life and work so it felt very natural to choose Ellie & Carl and to have the whole family to be a part of this wonderful journey.