Our collections are divided for different skin needs, for mums to be and our little ones.

Under every collection you can see what we recommend for the specific skin need

Balance Face - Serum for Men

The Balance Face Serum for Men is created with nourishing, softening, hydrating and sebum balancing properties. The skin will get help to strengthen and balance the sebum production, keeping the skin supple and protected. The serum can help the skin to restore and protect from both the environmental stressors and for calming the skin after shaving. The serum can also be used on the beard.

Body Oil - Shimmer & Shine

The Shimmer & Shine Body oil is a moisturizer which aids the skin to be hydrated. The oil protects the skin and has regenerating properties. The body oil penetrates the skin rapidly and leaves the skin velvety soft with a delightful shine and smell. The body oil has all the essential fatty acids, nutrients and vitamins the skin needs to glow.

Sensitive Care - Face Serum

The Sensitive Care Face Serum is created with botanicals that will help the skin to calm, moisturize, rejuvenate and find balance. With soothing properties the skin will be velvety soft and protected.

Age Zero - Face Serum

The Age Zero Face serum is a powerful and nutrient rich product that helps the skin to hydrate and retain a healthier glow and firmer looking appearance. The skin feels velvety smooth and the serum protects the skin with its nutrients, vitamins and essential fatty acids. We have created a serum with the best botanicals for their rejuvenating, hydrating and antioxidant properties. The Age Zero Face serum supports the skin with the vitamins and essential fatty acids that decreases with age.

Balance Face - Serum for Women

The Balance Face Serum for Women is created with sebum balancing and regenerating botanicals. The serum will help the skin to provide the right balance the skin needs. The serum will aid to balance the sebum production, hydrate and moisturize the skin. Your skin will be left with a velvety smooth and soft feeling.

Konjac Sponge - Face Cleanser

The konjac sponge is a gentle and natural cleansing and exfoliating sponge that has been used for centuries in Korea, Japan and China. It is made out of the konjac root and is 100% natural and biodegradable. When the sponge dries it shrinks, which is normal and when water is added it becomes soft and ready to be used. Its excellent to use to remove our face masks and to get tha extra exfoliation and cleansing it will give.

Massage Oil - Relax & Relief

The Relax & Relief Massage oil has relaxing properties for sore and tired muscles. We use some the best botanicals that are used in aromatherapy for their healing and restorative properties. The oil gives a slightly warming feeling to the body and helps the body to increase circulation and help the muscles to get a better blood flow that helps the muscles to get the relaxation and relief they need.

Sensitive Care - Face Mask

The Sensitive Face Mask is ideal for sensitive skin with calming, rejuvenating, regenerating and brightening properties. The licorice root powder brightens and calms the skin. The green tea has antioxidant and regenerating properties. Calamine powder has a toning, soothing and antiseptic action. Rhassoul and White Kaolin clay cleans the skins deeply and removes dirt, grime and other impurities without striping of the skins own natural oil.

Age Zero - Face Mask

The Age Zero Face mask is excellent for mature skin with rejuvenating and brightening properties. With licorice root powder and green tea the mask will provide the skin with antioxidants, calming and skin brightening properties. Papaya and pineapple extract exfoliates dead skin, leaving new fresh skin to reveal. Calamine powder has a toning, soothing and antiseptic action. Rhassoul, Bentonite and Kaolin clay clean the skin deeply and remove dirt, grime and other impurities, leaving the skin smooth and clear.