Mind Care

Mind Care Collection - Aroma Blends for our inner needs

The Mind Care collection is a creation of exquisite essential oils to assist our inner needs. We have chosen some of the best essential oils used in aromatherapy to help our minds with the different needs we have. Listen to your inner voice, relax, inhale and exhale.

The essential oil molecules are so small that they can pass through the skin and we can also use their properties through inhalation. When essential oils are inhaled, we use our olfactory system; the molecules rise to the top of the nose and meet the olfactory mucous membrane. The olfactory membrane has thousands of receptors that identify the smell and thus, the sensory stimulation is sent through the olfactory bulb, which acts as an amplifier, through the olfactory nerve into the limbic system of the brain. It deals with emotional and psychological responses. The limbic system is triggered by nerve impulses. The scent is compared to a known scent, compared and labeled, thus we can have memories associated with the scent information and react emotionally and physically through our autonomic nervous system. These responses are determined by the specific qualities of the essential oil being used, and can range from relaxing to stimulating. The nerve impulse in the limbic system leads to other areas of the brain that are responsible for secreting hormones and regulating body functions.