Mud Masks

There are different types of clays, some clays are very good at absorbing dirt, bacteria, sebum from the skin like a sponge and there are the clays that don’t pullout the dirt but rather collecting the dirt from the surface by binding to it and being removed when we wash it off. The clays contain different minerals that are beneficial for our skin.  Clays have been used since ancient times for their healing and cleansing properties. Clays helps to pull blod up to the skin surface an increased blood flow helps to improve the skin tone and regenerate new skin cells.

The Face masks we have formulated have different clays and extracts to give the skin a deeper cleansing effect, help to exfoliate dead skin cells and add protective, anti-inflammatory effect.

We use licorice root powder which is an excellent ingredient for all skin types, the root contains glycyrrhizin, glabridin and liquiritin among others. Glycyrrhizin has been shown to have anti-inflammatory activity. Glabridin and liquiritin have been found to lightening the color of the skin.

Papaya and pineapple contain powerful enzymes called papain and bromelain. These enzymes promote skin renewal by gently removing the dead cells.

Calamine powder is a mixture of zinc oxide and ferric oxide and has mild antiseptic properties to prevent infections that can be caused by scratching the affected area, and an astringent to acne abscesses.

Solum Diatomeae powder is made from Diatomaceous Earth rock. It is a white clay-like powder that is composed of the fossilized remains of marine plankton. It is a source of Silica, which is required from the body for collagen formation. It also contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium and phosphorous and will give a mineral boost and exfoliation to the skin. 

When using the facemask we add water, the best is to apply the mask when its warm, this helps to open up the pores. Using a herbal tea is an excellent addition to our masks. Be careful not to apply it when its to hot so you don’t hurt your skin. You can use chamomile, green tea, fennel, licorice, turmeric, the sky is the limit J

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