Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our body works in an incredible way by acting and giving us clear signs of how it feels. Our philosophy is to assist the skin to find the right balance, to nurture the skin by using ingredients it can grasp the nutrients from and improve by.

We aim to use ingredients that are natural for the skin to interact with and to retrieve the vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants it needs to stay balanced. The ingredients are also there as a protection against the environmental factors that can make the skin unbalanced.

We choose not to formulate our products with Parabens, mineral oil or Phthalates.

We do use preservatives in our products that contain water. The preservatives are there to protect our customers and our products from harmful bacteria, yeast and mold. The oil based products do not contain preservatives, they have antioxidants like vitamin E and Rosemary extracts to protect our precious botanicals and to protect the skin from free radicals. Keep the bottles tightly sealed and don’t touch the glass end of the dropper to avoid introducing bacteria to the product.  Keep the serums in a cool and dark place and avoid humid areas and do not get water in the products.

Our products are not tested on animals.